Sri Lankan Safari

Welcome to an authentic Safari Experience in the deep, intriguing wilds of Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka is Asia’s foremost wildlife destination and probably the best outside Africa. In fact the country has been recognized as one of the ten global bio diverse hotspots in the world. Beautiful Sri Lanka, situated in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean is a relatively small island yet blessed with some of the world’s greatest natural treasures that are beyond compare.

Travel in any direction North, South, East or West and you are in for some exciting moments, take our word, every corner of Sri Lanka reverberates with the sounds of the natural world!

The biological diversity in this little island has an unbelievable proportion of endemism for both flora and fauna; to be more specific 23% of flora and 16% of fauna are endemic to the country.

There are close to sixty National Parks and Reserves situated all over the country, some of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of their high biodiversity, each one unique and exclusive for specific species of fauna and flora. Still more the Sinharaja Rain Forest, a Man and Biosphere Forest Reserve believed to be one of the finest tropical ecosystems in the whole of Asia is teeming with endemism; close to 140 endemic trees, 20 endemic species of birds, with over 50 percentage endemism amongst butterflies, fish, amphibians, and reptiles; it’s a treasure trove that’s waiting to be discovered. Adding value to the this incredible wildlife destination are the Big Four; The Sri Lankan Elephant listed by IUCN as endangered can be seen in large herds sometimes as large as 400 at the Annual spectacle called the “Gathering”, Leopard listed as endangered by IUCN makes claim to the world’s largest leopard densities in the world, the incredible Sloth Bear listed as highly endangered by IUCN and the largest animal on earth the Blue Whale.

Don’t forget the primates; the Red Slender Loris, the Toque macaque and the Purple faced langur, all identified as endangered by IUCN, surviving in their natural habitats.

This little island is a birders paradise too! It is home to 439 species of birds of which 33 are endemic with 68 endemic sub species, 236 are breeding residents, 203 are migrants and the rest vagrants along with hundreds of birding sites that makes it easy to observe these feathered beauties in their natural habitats, no matter in which part of the country you are.